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Timeline Of Events

Have a read through the timeline of events.


Wednesday 24 May


Teams will gather the night before to register and receive their safety briefing. A chance for everyone to get together and discuss tactics for the epic adventure ahead


Thursday 25 May

Day 1 - Things get real

Teams will gather together alongside the iconic Wimbledon Tennis Club, the excitement will be palpable with the road stretching out ahead of the runners. Runner 1 takes the baton and we are underway.

For runners 2-5 it’s time to hit the road and head to the first change over, each leg is roughly a half marathon distance and runner 2 needs to be ready at the changeover point to take on the baton. As the team head towards the coast, runner 3 and then 4 take over, by the time runner 5 is chewing up the miles the team head to the day 1 finish line where the basecamp is set up and waiting for your arrival. Time for a hot meal and perhaps an isotonic beer or two (for the non drivers) before it is time for the adventure to continue with the overnight ferry.


Friday 26 May

Day 2 - The Ferry

We arrive into Dieppe in the early hours. The teams start the day by heading to the Ferry terminal for a delicious breakfast ready to hit the road. Straight from the Ferry terminal runner 1 sets off, not as many miles to cover today and the going is straight and flat, time to motor.

Everyone should be done by early afternoon so a chance to kick back, recover and hang out with the rest of the teams. We have music, beers, food and a yoga stretching session in the local town hall hosted by the mayor to set you up for the Queen stage on day 3.


Saturday 27 May

Day 3 - The Queen Stage

The Queen Stage. Tough, long and stunning scenery. Reaching the campsite tonight will feel fantastic.


Sunday 28 May

Day 4 - The Finish

The finish line is in sight, the final push. The team reunites at the Trocadero. You don’t come this far and finish alone. All 5 of you cover the last mile together, finishing under the Eiffel Tower. You have just Run2Paris. Imagine how that feels.

We have hired a local bar where we can celebrate our achievements but once you cross that finish line it is up to you.

Turn around and head back straight away or enjoy the sights and sounds of the French Capital for a couple of extra nights. You have a ticket for a return ferry from Dieppe to Newhaven booked for Monday morning but do let us know if you want to change this. Driving home is going to highlight just how far you have run.

You will be warmly welcomed into our basecamp each evening. A home away from home where you can catch up with your team and other runners, enjoy a hot meal, shower and settle into your very own tent. The basecamp each evening will have space to relax, eat and socialise and will become a highlight of your trip.
Each team will need to have their own team vehicle with a minimum of two drivers. This is your means of transport for the 4 non-runners between the checkpoints during each leg and way to get home after you have Run2Paris. We will need your registration plate details and proof of insurance and breakdown cover ahead of the event. A kit wagon will be available to transport any bulky items between basecamps each day. A driver pack will be sent out that will show you all the details about routes, changeover points, parking and local cafes and bakeries for some lunch and snacks- remember breakfast and lunch are included at basecamp.
This vehicle will be booked onto a return Ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe and we will be in touch with more details in due course. Everyone travels across to Dieppe on the same ferry on Friday morning ahead of the second days running. Additional vehicles are not included in the registration fee.
Each team will be provided with a live tracking device and access to our route map. We require runners to download the RunGo App and we will send across the running route for you to download. RunGo acts as a SatNav for runners and will provide turn by turn directions for each runner – a headphone is recommended. Team mates, friends and family will be able to follow runners progress on the live tracking device and this will act as your baton to pass between teammate at the changeover points and handed into basecamp HQ each evening for recharging.
The route will cover various terrains across the 4 days. Mainly road running but there are also large sections on trails and some off road. There will be road crossings, running through towns and cities and sections where you will be running on the road itself. The route has been meticulously planned for your safety and enjoyment but please be a conscientious runner, aware of your surroundings and run safe at all times.
What better way to finish off each day in basecamp than with a delicious hot meal and what better way to encourage you out of your tent than a hearty breakfast? Run2Paris will provide exceptional food from the evening meal at the end of day 1 to a final breakfast boost ahead of day 4. Of course just let us know of any dietary requirement you have and we will do our best to accommodate. During each day the team can explore the local cafes and bakeries along the route and sample the delicious local cuisine at their own pace. We will provide a drivers pack that will give you some options. What better way to mix up convenience and deliciousness?
  1. Day 1 – Dinner only
  2. Day 2 – Breakfast and Dinner
  3. Day 3 – Breakfast and Dinner
  4. Day 4 – Breakfast only
With so much included in your registration fee there is very little you need to worry about. Your final kit list will be circulated along with your participant pack closer to the event but will include Running gear – we aren’t going to tell you which shoes to wear but remember its running outside for 4 days, its probably going to be wet at some point, hot and sunny at another and freezing cold too. Be prepared. Basecamp kit – You can throw this into the kit wagon each morning and it will be waiting for you when the team arrives. Suggested items Roll mat, sleeping bag, change of clothes, warm layers